A challenge to examine the current channels of communication
we use today and consider how they may be disrupted or sub-
verted led to the development of Sincerely, a mobile messaging
client advocating for more genuine communication. As the use of
emojis, gifs, and texting shorthand have become ingrained into
our vocabulary, they've ultimately been stripped of all meaning
along the way. Nobody is laughing out loud, nor do you see any-
one rolling on the floor laughing either.

How can we adequately communicate fits of hysterical laughter
in a time when the most extreme expressions of hilarity translate
to "ha, that's kind of funny" at best? Sincerely was designed to do
just that by disrupting the transmission of emotional shorthand
with an expression verification scanner linked into your smart-
phone's camera.

Whether you claim to be (: ): or even )': Sincerely will
make sure your responses are genuine, and if not, you
will receive a gentle reminder to be more careful, and
allowed to try over again!

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