826 National is an organization of tutoring
centers that double as novelty shops themed
around a particular reference to the respective
city in which each is located. There are currently
13 stores located across the US, but what if they
wanted to open up a new one in Honolulu, HA?
What would they call it, and what would it sell?

Now Hawaii is in many ways a state unlike any
other, their proud indigenous culture and unique
geographical landscape were obviously suitable
places to begin looking for ideas. But Hawaii has
another claim to fame that is not as widely known,
their tourism industry. To no surprise, hundreds of
thousands of travelers come to Hawaii each year to
see it for themselves; but they’re not coming from
the US as you might expect.

In fact more than 60% of tourists come across
the Pacific from Asia, and for many of which, it
is their first visit to the United States. Being the
first taste of America for many eastern-world
travelers, as well as being the birthplace of our
country's current president, Honolulu seemed
like the perfect spot for something unapologet-
ically American. While 826 stores are designed
to be fun and quirky, they’re also educational.
So throw in some good ol’ American history,
and you’ve got the Presidential Supply Co.

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