The project initiated with a simple challenge: uncover a problem
with Detroit’s education system, and find a creative solution to
fix it. Lucky for me, it only took me about 5 minutes of research-
ing schools online to run into an overwhelming number of issues.
Navigating through school websites was less pleasant than the
dentist, and the amount of redirects and links it took you to find
a single piece of data would make you feel dizzy. Simply compar-
ing test scores between schools in a single district took 2 hours &
9 open tabs just to find the information I was looking for. If I was
having a hard time, I couldn’t imagine how the parents of these
students felt. They should be given a purple heart for bravery.

Coming up with a solution was easy: scrape through every
relevant site for any bit of information i could find, pull out the
most important bits that would be relevant for parents, organize
it in a standardized way for each school in the city, then republish
it all in one easy-to-navigate place. It had to work for the tech
savvy, as well as the digitally incompetent.

The site was designed to keep everything on one page, so that
you wouldn’t get lost in a labyrinth of links; and if you did get lost,
you were always one click away from the beginning. Any option
you selected is constantly on the screen, so you’ll never forget
what you clicked or how you got there. Schools are tagged with
filters that let you narrow down schools by the factors considered
to be most important by Detroit parents.

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