On paper I call myself a communication
designer, but that's really just an umbrella
term I use to keep things succinct. I'm
really just a problem solver who is always
looking for a better way of doing things.

As a kid I was building primitive “robots”
to do my chores for me, and as a teen I
was scheming up romantic creative
ways to ask a crush to the next school
dance. Doing things the default way is
boring; there’s always a more exciting
means to accomplish the ends.

I’m basically a grown-up version of the
annoying little kid who responds to every
statement with “why?” But sometimes
asking “why?” turns into a “what if?” My
portfolio is a collection of these moments:
fifteen different solutions that began by
asking questions & exploring new ideas.

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+1 248 972 5733

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Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)
in Graphic & Communication Design
at the College for Creative Studies
in Detroit, Michigan — 3.221 CGPA


Shinola Sponsored Project


Tasked by Shinola to dissect existing
brand materials and to identify potential
opportunities to more effectively tell the
story of their brand.

Allowing me the opportunity to work
under Shinola’s own team of designers,
as well as a chance to collaborate with
students from different majors. Working
alongside teammates from alternate
design backgrounds emphasized the
importance of simple and clear presen-
tation, and trained me to communicate 
my work and ideas in a more objective
and comprehensible fashion.

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De Program


A three-week program in the Netherlands
consisting of two individual week-long
projects hosted by Bob Van Dijk & Thomas
Castro of LUST.

I also had the chance to visit some of the
world’s top internationally recognized
designers. The experience of working
within a new cultural context introduced
me to new perspectives on design that
would be tremendously influential to my
own perception of what graphic design
is, and how my work may translate into
a broader context of design.

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GD Department Practicum


Tasked by the GD faculty at CCS to explore
more efficient ways of communicating what
being a graphic design student is all about.

My individual focus within the group was
researching of our audience and current
practices to inform new solutions for how
student work should be documented, sub-
mitted and showcased around the depart-
ment space.

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Prototyping Workshop


a week-long workshop hosted by Brett
Renfer from Collins in NYC, focused on
generating ideas quickly & building them
even quicker.

Using a simple prototyping tools such as
cardboard, arduino, & projection mapping,
the objective was to spend less time think-
ing about whether an idea would work or
not, and more time trying it out.

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Heavenly Dogs


Assisted in establishing an identity system
for the collective, as well as designing and
printing company merchandise.

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Faceplay for iOS


Designed a user interface & streamlined
the user experience for a Snapchat com-
petitor called Faceplay.

Working with an outsourced developer
built a good habit of delivering organized
files with detailed instructions & compre-
hensive comments.

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Sign Painting and Murals


I started hand lettering signs in college
to make a few extra bucks.

It taught me how the tiniest details can imp-
act a piece, and trained me to visualize
my work on a bigger scale (as opposed
to a tiny screen.)

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I am familiar with...

cinema 4d, php, excel, rasberry pi,
json-t, mysql, python, wordpress,
ruby, zbrush, kinect, less, node.js

I am experienced with...

after effects, premier, terminal,
javascript, keynote, sketch, glyphs,
robofont, maya, word, powerpoint,
xcode, arduino, letterpress, ajax

I am exceptional with...

iIllustrator, photoshop, indesign,
html, css, jquery, git, processing,
screen printing, conceptualizing,
wire-framing, prototyping, story-
telling, information architecture,
data visualization

My strengths include...

telling stories, solving problems,
brainstorming ideas, communicat-
ing ideas & concerns clearly, deli-
vering under pressure, thinking in
systems, research informed solu-
tions, contagious work ethic, de-
signing for the user, contributing
to a fun & friendly atmosphere


My portfolio was awarded a “gold key” and
college scholarship from Scholastic’s Art &
Writing Awards
contest in 2012.

My typeface “Clearance” was featured in
the sixth edition of Communication Arts’
“Typographic Annual” publication in 2015.

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